Anima Nuda

Anima Nuda

Anima Nuda, 2016, 150×100 cm, acrylic, oil, wax

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Dear “ANIMA NUDA” (naked soul)

When I look at you everything vanishes.
I get excited, I connect with you because you are myself.
You are joy and pain.
Looking at you I review my life of victory and defeat, but the wonder of living is this.
Live naked, free from masks and people will accept you as you are for better or worse.
All we must do is lie down and look at each other because only by laying bare we can be ourselves, just like my “naked soul” that looks down on all the shades of life.
Peaks of warm colors like the happiness I experienced and peaks of cold colors for the darkness that struck me;
In all this there is LIGHT, because that’s the thing that always brought me back to the surface, making me rise.
Everything is an impression on ourselves.
Every time I look at you I find a part of me, maybe even the one I still don’t know yet.”

“Can I kiss away your tear? I’d like to embrace your pain, your emotion, to give you my love. The pain ends where love kisses the taste of the soul”.

“Life is like a dance. When I dance with you, the beauty is that we never lose our rhythm. We enjoy every moment, melody, fragrance.
Everything has a taste of pure magic that becomes choreography.
Our souls intertwine and overlap.
Life together makes sense. Our lips touching each other make our essence vibrate, creating a kiss that gives a slight swoon of emotions.”

When I first met your gaze I saw part of my soul reflected in it.”