Who I am

Sara Bartolini, in art Bartó, was born in Tuscany in 1985. Since her
childhood, she has shown an innate interest in painting that she can now put
into practice thanks to the lessons from the painter Sirio Bocci.
Just as in the Tuscan Renaissance, Bartó learned drawing and painting
directly “in the workshop” from her master and mentor of painting.
After graduating in advertising graphics, Bartó devoted herself to following
her family’s business. Still, after a short time, she returned to painting,
completely changing her style: the landscapes and the portraits of the early
years were replaced by abstract works, very textured, made of oil, acrylic
and wax.
Above all, this latter element becomes a genuine “brand” featuring Bartó’s
works in recent years: as in an ecstatic dance, the wax flows are combined
with the emotions conveyed by the artist’s body which she shows on her
canvasses transmitting them to the viewer.
Sara Bartolini’s works have been exhibited on various national and
international occasions:

  • at Palazzo Ximènes–Panciatichi in Florence, September
    2020, on the occasion of “Leonardo da Vinci”
    International Award and then published in the Italian Art
    Magazine “Art Now”
  • at “Luxembourg Art Prize 2020”
  • at “Yicca Art Prize- International Contest of
    Contemporary Art” in 2020
  • at “Art Laguna Prize” and “Arte Laguna World” 2020/21
  • at “La Quadrata” 2021 competition organized by “Il
    Melograno” Gallery in Livorno
  • at the International Exhibition “Ars Gratia Artis” in 2021,
    organized by the cultural association “Art Space” at “Hub Art”
    association in Milan where she was among the seven finalists
  • at the International competition “Ars and Lux”, in May 2021, in
    the Spazio Arte Tolomeno in Milan
  • at the February, March, April and May 2021 group exhibitions in
    “Il Melograno” Gallery in Livorno
  • at the show “Ambientarti”, June 2021, at the “Centro Russo di
    Scienza e Cultura “in Palazzo Santacroce in Rome, organized by
    the cultural association “Art Space” with the presentation of the
    art critic Vittorio Sgarbi
  • at the collective “Hideway”, July 2021, at Palazzo Ducale in
    Genoa, organized by “Divulgarti Group”
  • from 17th August to 26th September 2021 at Forte Stella inPorto Ercole, Argentario, Grosseto, for her first personal Exhibition “Percorsi nelle anime”
  • at the International Fair of Contemporay Art “art3f”, August 2021, at Chapiteau de Fontvieille in Principality of Monaco
  • at the Contemporary Art Festival “La Quadrata d’Autunno”, October 2021, at Melograno Art Gallery in Livorno at the Contemporary Art Show “Fuera de la caja”, October 2021, at the mar de Santa Pola Museum in Alicante, Spain, organized by Divulgarti Group”
  • at the collective show “Art Collection”, December 2021, organized by Divulgarti, in collaboration with ARconTE at Palazzo Pisani-Revedin in Venice
  • at February, March, April, May 2022 collective shows at “Il Melograno “Gallery in Livorno
  • at “Framing “show, June 2022, at Medina Art Gallery in Roma
  • she is present since July 2022 on the Singulart digital art gallery
  • her artwork was exhibited from the 21st to the 23rd October 2022
  • at the Parisat Carousel du Louvre in December 2022 she exhibited her artwork at the Poma liberatutti foundation in Pescia
  • in December 2022 she also exhibited her artwork at the Civic museum in Pescia, at the Galeotti Palace
  • she has participated in several art events as a guest.


“In Sara Bartolini’s work, the flow of emotions and the importance of human relationships are the starting point of her artistic poetics.

Bartó translates her experience into Matter: after several artistic experiments, many of them self-taught, she comes to create her works with an energetic and vital charge that translates into oil, acrylic and wax compounds.

Her chromatic explosions and swirls of light refer not only to experiences from her own life, but also to a more global reflection on the need for interpersonal connections and, therefore, also on the continuous change of human existence and social relations.

The materiality of her more abstract works makes it possible to place the artist within a more contemporary line of the artistic and pictorial current of Informal Art. In her abstract paintings, form gives way to the flow of oils and acrylics on her canvases and, as in an ecstatic dance, the wax casts become part of the work, which on many occasions also becomes an expression of her body with the tangible presence of hand and footprints, as in a work of body art.

The works of Sara Bartolini, who is Tuscan by origin, are not only influenced by more contemporary artistic currents: the use of wax in painting is an ancient technique that has its roots in Greek and Roman antiquity and in Tuscan Da Vinci painting, but which she reworks in an entirely personal and contemporary key, always as a reflection of her own inner feelings.

The titles of her works allude to the emotional charges that the artist tries to make tangible with her paintings: at a time when the human being is alone in front of his troubles, Sara Bartolini communicates that the sense of ancestral bewilderment before the experiences and trials of life is something universal.

A message that she entrusts to her painting, to the wax of the candles, thus putting together a completely unique artistic grammar that gives the observer the opportunity to reflect on the world around him, the events that involve him, and above all on his deepest self.”

Francesca Della Ventura,

journalist, curator and art critic (Düsseldorf, Germany).

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I am Sara, my art name Barto’. I’m a girl born in Tuscany. I grew up between icecream and painting. While my parents worked, I often stayed with my great- grandfather Trieste. One day his friend came to visit us and he stopped to watch me drawing and coloring in an old scrapbook Keep reading…