my story

my story

I am Sara, my art name Barto’. I’m a girl born in Tuscany.
I grew up between icecream and painting. While my parents worked, I often stayed with my great- grandfather Trieste.

One day his friend came to visit us and he stopped to watch me drawing and coloring in an old scrapbook. At that time I didn’t know that this man, Sirio, would become my painting teacher since he was a painter.
His indications, suggestions and considerations helped me express better and better what I felt I was accomplishing.

Later in time, the death of my great-grandfather, and shortly after of Sirio, left within me a pain and an emptiness greater than I was willing to believe, so much so, that for a period of time I stopped painting.
Traveling became the gateway to express my moods and feel intense emotions.

Then one of my Teachers asked me if he could publish one of my graphic project’s in a textbook, something clicked inside me and as by magic I felt the desire to paint again, and the expression of emotions through colours returned.

It was a completely different way of painting than before. I often felt the immense distance between the color on the canvas and the brush, so I had to “touch” the colors with my fingers, arms and sometimes even with my body, but in spite of this I kept feeling my works incomplete, until once I dropped some drops of wax on my paintings.
Only then did I feel my soul truly be at peace.

The effect my paintings have on me and the people who get to see them has led me to feel that my works create emotions in others as well.
This fulfills me to the point of making myself known through competitions and exhibitions.